Vacation Time! Building Moon Castles

The team’s ship is fixed and they’re ready for whatever’s next! But before they get moving, they’re taking some time to relax on the moon and learn more about the friends they’ve met. Here’s one of their vacation photos!

Vacation Time! Catching Some Rays

The team’s vacation continues! Tinker is taking some time to catch some rays on the moon and relax after his big adventure of trying to fix the ship. 

Vacation Time! Swimming’s Cancelled

The team’s vacation continues! Sir Inkington, Charlie, and Olympia were looking forward to spending some time swimming today, but it appears the Sea of Tranquility isn’t quite what they expected. 

Vacation Time! Moon Ball

The team’s vacation is almost over, but Sir Inkington and Percy get in one last game of Moon Ball before they have to say goodbye to their new friends.

Vacation Time! Moon Ball