The Beginning of Eight League Adventures

There came to us one day a story of a Bold Squid whose greatest desire was to explore the Place Beyond. It is said he studied and planned for years, and eventually invented a suit filled with sea water that would allow him to explore outside of his watery home. His fellow squids called him a fool and advised him not to go. They said it was a thin place with blinding light, and roars and shudders. But the Bold Squid refused to listen. And one day he set off, never to be heard from again.

When word of the Bold Squid reached Castleton, it spread quickly through the community.

“We’re more clever than those squids,” neighbors and friends said among themselves. “We always beat them in the community games,” they insisted. And they wondered, what could be up there? Why did the Brave Explorer not come back? Perhaps he didn’t go far enough, they thought.

Our Fearless Mayor, Sir Inkington, thought about what he heard his friends and neighbors saying. After some thought, he suggested traveling in groups. Numbers, he said, must surely help to ensure that they survive to tell the tales of the Place Beyond to their friends and family back home. For most assuredly, there were those who very much wanted to be explorers and to be hailed as heroes. They would develop inventions that would safeguard their wellbeing. And then, once they were in the Place Beyond, they would try to blend in. They would learn quickly, and bring their discoveries back to the townsfolk.

And so, with Sir Inkington leading the charge, the community studied and planned for years to create the best strategy, with the best inventions. Finally, Sir Inkington determined they were ready. He chose a small group to join him in the explorations, to learn, and to report back. More would follow, of course. And as it would surely become a success, and more would wish to join the intrepid explorers, the octopuses named the program Eight League Adventures.