About the Team

Origin of The Team

Founder Statue

The team hails from the town of Castleton, which was founded in 1825 by Sir Jericho Bishop, an octopus who came from the nearby coral reef with his wife and three sons. He brought our first permanent building, the castle for which our town is named and where our courthouse is now housed. A statue of him stands in the town center, and we celebrate Founder’s Day in his honor every year in July with games and dances. Since Sir Bishop settled here, the town has grown to a community of over 1500 octopuses, many of whom are attracted by the local engineering school that was established by John Morrisey ten years after the town’s founding. The Morrisey School of Engineering has drawn many of the best engineers of our time, and attracts top talent from around the reef. As of the last census, over half of our population consists of scientists, tinkers and engineers. Their discoveries and inventions are vital to the community’s economy and establish Castleton as a center of industry.

Sir Inkington

Sir Inkington, our fearless and brilliant Mayor, heard the tale of the Bold Squid, and after much consideration proposed that the townsfolk create a group to follow in the squid’s footsteps. As the mayor, he chose the adventurers. Of course, he would not be left out, as any discovery that could benefit this fine town of Castletown would be brought back for everyone under his watchful eye.

In addition to acting as our fine Mayor, Sir Inkington’s family has been in the manufacturing business for years. Sir Inkington’s contribution to the current product line is widgets, of which the townsfolk – many of whom tinker, engineer, and invent many of our wonderful goods – cannot get enough. With the funds from this endeavor, Sir Inkington is able to fund the Eight League Adventures entirely without dipping into the town coffers.


Tinker is one of our town’s much-famed Engineers who wanted to join the first exploration team. All manner of machines fascinate Tinker, both the ones he creates and the ones he discovers. He is perpetually absorbed in his projects, which have been quite popular and useful for the townspeople, especially those that are highly widgetized. His mantra when asked by this reporter, was “See a need, fill a need.”

Sir Inkington tapped Tinker on the shoulder for the Eight League Adventures because of the diversity of his inventions. Though often preoccupied with his head in the clouds, his years of experience will be an invaluable asset to the team as they encounter new creatures and gadgets that he can learn from and repurpose to help the team through their adventures.


Percy is an explorer at heart. From the moment he finished school, he was out and about in the wilds, searching for the new and exciting. For a short while he tried working at the local restaurant at his parent’s behest; however, he quickly grew bored and returned to exploring. With only a bag and a compass, Percy would disappear for weeks at a time, only to return with fantastic stories, and occasionally, fantastically mysterious items.

When the opportunity to create the Eight League Adventures arose, Sir Inkington immediately thought of Percy. Years of experience discovering new places and encountering new creatures had clearly provided solid negotiation skills and honed his ability to get out of difficult situations, which were skills sorely needed on an expedition such as this. With these qualifications, Percy became Sir Inkington’s second.


Mal, our brave Sheriff, was selected by Sir Inkington to join the Eight League Adventures after a tally of prisoners in the jail over a year was found to be zero. Though occasionally some young octopuses will kick up their tentacles on a night out, Castleton is a mostly law-abiding town. Mal’s tentacle-to-tentacle and weaponry skills, though prolific, were quite wasted in the day-to-day enforcement of our fair village. Instead, Sir Inkington enlisted his talent as protection for the League, and assigned the remaining deputy, Charles, as temporary sheriff until Mal returns to official town duty.

In addition to his duties as Sheriff, Mal offers self-defense classes in the town hall once a week and enjoys reading mysteries. All of these qualities will be in high demand in the role of security on the Eight League Adventures team.