8 League Adventures: Pirates!

8 League Adventures: Pirates!

In the 8 League Adventure’s first book a team of four octopuses decide to adventure outside of their ocean into The Place Beyond and chance upon a ship full of pirates. Join them on their swashbuckling adventures as they encounter another ship and have a proper mystery to solve!

8 League Adventures: Dinosaurs!

Dinosaurs! Front Cover

Join the 8 League Adventures Team in their second book as they accidentally travel to a lost island inhabited by dinosaurs, judge a talent show, and solve a mystery! It’s a roaring good time!

8 League Adventures: To The Moon!

To The Moon! Cover

Join the 8 League Adventures team on their third adventure as they are hurtled higher in the sky than anyone before them and land on the moon. They encounter some new friends and get into big trouble as they work together to fix their ship. Will the team ever get home again?

8 League Adventures: The Box Set!

Join the 8 League Adventures Team on their first three adventures! This box set includes: 

  • Book 1 – “8 League Adventures: Pirates!”
  • Book 2 – “8 League Adventures: Dinosaurs!”
  • Book 3 – “8 League Adventures: To The Moon!”