Visit Castleton!


Castleton was founded in 1825 by Sir Jericho Bishop, an octopus who came from the nearby coral reef with his wife and three sons. He brought our first permanent structure, the castle for which our town is named and where our courthouse is now housed. A statue of him stands in the town center, and we celebrate Founder’s Day in his honor every year in July with games and dances.

Since Sir Bishop settled here, the town has grown to a community of over 1500 octopuses, many of whom are attracted by the local engineering school that was established by John Morrisey ten years after the town’s founding. The Morrisey School of Engineering has drawn many of the best engineers of our time, and attracts top talent from around the reef. As of the last census, over half of our population consists of scientists, tinkers and engineers. Their discoveries and inventions are vital to the community’s economy and establish Castleton as a center of industry.

Arts & Culture

The arts are alive and thriving in Castleton. Two art galleries showcase the work of our illustrious artists and offer the opportunity to purchase their art. The local Castleton Museum showcases displays of Castleton’s history, as well as many important past and present inventions that have come from our remarkable engineers. The Castleton Theatre has many showings of fine films throughout the day and evening and hosts the annual Film Festival in March. If you enjoy live entertainment, The Castleton Playhouse is currently running twice nightly showings of “Castleton Blues”, the greatest triumph of our brilliant local playwright, Benson Howard. The Comedy Showcase hosts nightly comedy shows, including a weekly open-mic night. The Castleton Concert Hall also hosts monthly concerts from our fine musicians, as well as special concerts from traveling groups.


There are many choices for dining in Castleton. For a memorable night out, Castleton Hotel hosts a high end restaurant called Fish of the Sea which offers many fine menu choices, including lobster and pufferfish. The Fish Shop is an excellent choice for a mid-priced meal any time of day, as is Bishop's Burger Barn, Dotty’s Diner, and Carver’s Deli. For those special cravings, The Oyster House or Mason’s Bakery are excellent choices. There are also many specialty dessert shops for your pleasure dotted throughout the community.


There are many events throughout the year. If you are looking to visit our fair city, any of these festivities offer opportunities for family fun.

  • March 4-9: Castleton Film Festival
  • May 3-4: Castleton Arts Festival
  • June 10-15: Castleton Faire
  • July 4: Founder’s Day
  • August 15-20: Castleton Music Festival
  • September 1-30: Maker’s Festival


There are three options for lodging in Castleton. Castleton Hotel boasts 75 spacious rooms for our out of town guests. The Stay Inn on Main Street hosts 20 rooms. If you are looking for something more intimate, the Bishop Street Bed and Breakfast, with 6 rooms for let, may be more to your liking. All come highly recommended and offer excellent amenities for your stay.


Castleton hosts a variety of shopping, including jewelry, household goods, toys, and books. It goes without saying that there are many shops offering popular inventions from our tinkers and engineers as well. However, if you are looking for goods that are imported by the Eight League Adventures team, Cody Holt’s shop is the exclusive port of call. His shop is located next to the Post Office on Main Street and is a treat not to be missed.