We finally set tentacle on solid land! We immediately headed into Pirate’s Cove with our booty. Our first order of business was to purchase our own ship, as it seemed like the best option for not only mobility, but also collecting and delivering new items to share with the citizens of Castleton. After our pirate ship adventure we were excited to pilot our own vessel.

We stumbled upon the shipyard where the sailing ships were sold and discovered that they also had airships for sale! For those citizens not familiar with these contraptions, an airship is a power-driven aircraft that is kept buoyant by a body of gas that is lighter than air, so it floats above the land. This would allow us to travel even further afield at a faster pace! We could not say no to an upgrade. However, the crafts available cost quite a bit more than the sailing ships. As a group we decided that in order to save funds we would get the least expensive one, which needed a bit of work before we could put it into use. The salesperson was helpful enough to suggest that we enlist the help of their mechanics – for a nominal fee, of course – who would be able to procure the parts that we needed to get it air-worthy and make the repairs for us. Tinker volunteered to join the mechanics in order to learn about the craft and become our expert on-board engineer to fix the craft as needed during our adventures.

While Tinker was working with the mechanics on the ship, Mal, Percy and I went into town to procure more supplies for the trip. Percy took the lead on choosing the goods, Mal provided security as we traveled from shop to shop, and I purchased them. We acquired food, hammocks, cooking supplies such as pots and pans, cleaning supplies, and other various items we would need that were not provided with the vessel. Our tentacles were full of goods as we staggered back to the airship to stow them hours later.

When we arrived on deck we were greeted by Tinker, who alerted us that he had found a stowaway on board. We were alarmed until he assured us that our guest was friendly, but he wouldn’t tell us who it was. We decided to stow our supplies in the hold and then go find our mystery guest. Tinker led us to the crew quarters, where we discovered Morty, my pet orange starfish! He must have followed us onboard the pirate ship and onto our airship. I marveled that we hadn’t noticed him! He’s a very bright orange that does not lend itself to hiding very well. I suggested that we might send him back to Castleton, but Morty objected to that idea. “He’s come this far,” Mal suggested, “why don’t we just let him join us? He would be a good lookout.” No one had any objections, and with Mal’s endorsement, Morty became part of the crew.

That settled, Tinker told us that repairs were scheduled to take several days, so we kept ourselves busy while Tinker worked with the mechanics. We learned lots of new things about those that live on the land while in Pirate’s Cove and the time flew by. Before we knew it, the repairs were completed and it was time to fly on! Where would our next adventure takes us?


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